One of the projects that we are working on is this underrated Camaro LTG 2.0 Turbo. We were not able to see how fast it was on the 1/4 mile before starting to work on some mods, but shortly after installing a new air intake, larger throttle body and Intercooler/ pipping (all   from ZZP Performance) and doing a muffler delete (dowpipe still oem), we decided that was time for the dragstrip. Luckily there was a test and tune going on that week at Bradenton Motorsports Park. The results were quite interesting-

First pass of the night was a 14.332 @ 102.35 with a slow 2.404 60' and 9.46 @ 80.17 to the 1/8.

Second pass was a 14.006 @ 102.28 ALMOST ON THE 13's!!! Doing a better 60' @ 2.19 and 9.43 @ 79.31 to the 1/8.


So, we knew the power was there to run a 13 second pass so all we needed was to get a good launch; remember, we still using the stock wheel / tire which is a 560 treadwear!

Then the last pass of the night was-

13.85 @ 102.45, 2.110 60' 9.002 @ 79.36 to the 1/8!

Then after doing some research, we decided that it was time to start looking at the tune. We began with a safe approach to the tune since there was no time that night to go to the dyno and then back to the track, but the results were better than we expected. We knew that we may be seeing some improvements. I was telling the guys- I think we may be able to see at least a 13.7 and maybe 1 more mph down the the 1320. So I uploaded the car's tune and went to Bradenton Motorsports Park the night of March 14, 2020. With a half tank of fuel, no weight taken off the car, we adjusted the tire pressure and first pass of the night we were able to run a new personal best-

13.544 @ 103.44, 1.976 to the 60', 8.735 @ 81.99 to the 1/8!

Then we did a second pass trying to launch it harder but didn't work because we wheel spin all the way through 1st gear.

14.431 @ 102.05, 2.471 60' and 9.539 @ 80.44 mph to the 1/8

After that pass we just lined up again and were able to run a last pass of-

13.669 @ 103.91! 2.10 to the 60' and 8.88 @ 81.83 mph to the 1/8

We are very happy with the results so far, we still running on stock boost levels, no weight reduction, stock tires. We're looking forward to a dyno session to see how much power we're currently making and how much power this little 4 banger can make.


We will keep you guys updated on this new project!

Stay Tuned!