Basemap creation or E-tune

Basemap creation or E-tune

When you choose a basemap creation or E-Tune service be aware of every map is created with what we consider is a 100% mechanically working vehicle. A tune will not fix your fuel pressure or fuel supply issues, your compression issues, spark plugs misfires, engine or vehicle harness.

A basemap or E-tune should be used just to get the car going and take it to a dyno for a final tune, a E-tune will be as good as the data we can have on hand when tuning the vehicle, the more sensors the best. 

When performing an "e-tune" on a vehicle, there are numerous factors to consider. Without the tuner being physically present, the experience cannot replicate the precision of a dyno tune, where the tuner can personally observe and assess the vehicle's response to adjustments, utilizing their senses of hearing, feeling, and seeing.


A basemap usually should get your vehicle running but not everytime it will work first time, it depends on throttle body adjustments, fuel pressure etc. 




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