As JD Tuning keeps growing, we are always looking for better parts to offer and bring better solutions for your build. Always looking for the latest we came across Almanzar Motorsports / Delacruz Motorsports a company that keep improving and creating new solutions from crank triggers, cam gears, sensors, options to add wheel speed sensors (mostly used for traction control on standalone computers). 

As seen on multiple record holder import vehicles Almanzar Motorsports keeps growing and creating proven parts that are being used on the World Fastest Imports including vehicles like No War (World Fastest 4 cylinder). But Delacruz won't stop there and created a new option for the rotary engines allowing them to use a hall effect crank sensor in a enclosed billet distributor style base. The #001 Billet Distributor will be used on the one and only Loquito Killer RX8 (20B).

In recent conversations with Delacruz he make it clear that he will keep new products coming to the market, and here at JD Tuning Motorsports we are working hard to have some of those products on hand at our store but on our website you will find the whole catalog of Almanzar Motorsports! What are you waiting to have your vehicle with Almanzar inside?

Link to the Almanzar Motorsports catalog

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